At The Hawks Well,                                                    Chorus                                                          Niall Henry

The Only Jealousy of Emer                                        Bricriu                                                          Niall Henry

Bailes Strand                                                               Conchubar                                                    Niall Henry

The First Cosmonaut                                                 Various                                                          Niall Henry

Endgame                                                                               Hamm                                                           Niall Henry

Purgatory                                                                    Old Man                                                        Niall Henry

The Poor Mouth                                                         The Old Grey Fellow                                    Niall Henry

Rhinoceros                                                                           Jean                                                                       Niall Henry

At Swim-Two Birds                                                           Various                                                                 Niall Henry

At the Hawk’s Well                                                            Old Man                                                               Kellie Hughes

An Evening with Sgt. Pepper                                           Narrator/ Vocals                                              Kieran Quinn

The Cat and the Moon                                                      Saint                                                                      Kellie Hughes

The Third Policeman                                                        Sgt. Pluck/ Various                                            Niall Henry

The Chairs                                                                           The Orator                                                          Niall Henry

The Bald Soprano                                                              Mr. Smith                                                             Niall Henry

Sword against the Sea                                                       Cuchualain                                                          Sam McCready

Complete works of Shakespeare- abridged Various                                                               Kirstin Kundert-Gibb

It’s a Short Life                                                                  Various                                                                 Emmanuel Vacca

Hollow in the Sand                                                             Various                                                                 Niall Henry         

Sanctuary                                                             Stenographer                                                      Niall Henry

The Strange Voyage of Donald Crowhurst                 Donald                                                                  Niall Henry

Rough for Theatre 11                                                       Character A                                         John Carty

Playboy of the Western World                                       Shawn Keogh                                                      Niall Henry

Macbeth                                                                                Banquo                                                                 Niall Henry

Alice Through the Looking Glass                                  Tweedledum/ White King                                Niall Henry

Time Before Sleep                                                             Devised Show                                                      Niall Henry

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland                                White Rabbit                                                       Niall Henry

Still Life                                                                               George Braque                                                   Niall Henry

The Tempest                                                                        Stephano/Bosun                                                  Niall Henry

A Midsummer Nights Dream                                          Bottom                                                                  Niall Henry

Once Time                                                                           Man                                                                       Corinne Soum

On Bailes Strand                                                                Blind Man                                                            Niall Henry

Hamlet                                                                                  Horatio/Player King                                         Niall Henry

What the Butler Saw                                                         Police Officer                                                     Niall Henry

Westport Murders                                                             Sgt. Fisher                                                            Brendan Ellis

A Vinegar Fog                                                                    Pilot                                                                       Niall Henry

Zoo Story                                                                             Peter                                                                      Niall Henry

Bent                                                                                       S.S. Officer/Prisoner                                         Niall Henry

A Whistle in the Dark                                                        Hugo                                                                      Niall Henry

Scrooge                                                                                 Scrooge                                                                 Niall Henry

Accidental Death of An Anarchist                 Inspector Pissani                                                Niall Henry

Loot                                                                                       Constable Meadows                                           Niall Henry